Our Purpose

We exist to TRANSFORM Next Generation Fathers, supported by Mothers, to build Better families resulting in a better Workplace, a better Society, and a better Nation. Partnering with like-minded organizations, we RESTORE, RESHAPE and RELEASE men and women to become better couples and parents in the context of traditional marriage and family with 3F Focus:

Our Values

FAMILY FIRST MALAYSIA is a non-profit organization. We serve people regardless of ethnic, religious background or social status. We practice the seven values that govern our words and actions:


This Purpose Statement for FFM was co-created over a series of discussions between members of FFM-ThinkTank Group: The Honorable Ambassador Professor Gregory W. Slayton, Tan Tek Seng, Tinkie Tan, Dr Peter Ting and Dr Abby Ting, including Dr Peter Ting’s numerous dialogues with his children: Eleazar, Othniel and Nehemiah, and mentees: Marcus Tan, Charlene Teo, Paul Tan, Jannie Tan, Gordon Hoo, Daisy Hoo, Mucy Ting, Fred Jalin, Dr Joshua Tan, Ps Phurka (Nepal), Ps Barnabas (Vietnam), Ps Sawlomon (Myanmar) Alan Yun, Dr Ben Kelong, Clement Chin, Gideon Teoh, and Lim Kim Kee.