FoFF Hosts Largest Leaders Summit In Chiang Mai, Thailand

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65 Leaders From 10 Nations Celebrate 2M Asian Families Served in 2018 & Plan for 3M in 2019

65 Family First leaders from around Asia came together for the Family First Global (FFG) Leaders Summit in the mid of November in Chiang Mai. There was much to celebrate as over 2M Asian families have been served through 2018 by FFG in partnership with the Fellowship of Father Foundation (FoFF). The Summit offered a platform for FFG Leaders to discuss, strategise and pray for the coming year. FFG/ FoFF hope to serve upwards of 3M families next year through its national and local programs throughout East Asia.

Family First Taiwan Was Where FFG First Started

“It’s been a great year for Family First overall and a great year for Family First Taiwan“, offered Mr. Bernard Lee, the Chairman of Family First Taiwan.

“We are deeply thankful for the continued growth of Family First movement here in Taiwan and throughout East Asia… and for our strong partnership with the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation”, added Mr. Lee.

“We are excited about 2019 and the continued growth of the Family First movement here in Malaysia and all over Asia”, said Mr. Tan Tek Seng, Chairman of Family First Malaysia. “The Family First movement is now going strong in both East and West Malaysia and we are looking forward to great progress in 2019!”

FF Indonesia United and Coordinated

Family First Indonesia is excited to host the Spring 2019 Leader’s Summit in Jakarta next May,” volunteered Mr. Handi Irawan, the Chairman of Family First Indonesia and upcoming Vice-Chairman of Family First Global. “This has been a great year for Family First Indonesia. Each of our four service channels is growing rapidly – and we believe that they will each continue to expand quickly in 2019. We thank God for the blessing of serving so many Indonesia families of all different religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds,” he concluded.

The Core Team of Family First Philippines

“It has been an amazing year for Family First Global and we are so thankful for each of our outstanding national and regional leadership teams”, concluded Gregory Slayton, the Chairman of the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation and Family First Global. “For us, it’s all about strong local leadership. We thank God for each of our Family First national leaders in so many countries. And we look forward together to a great 2019 as we hope to serve over 3M Asian families.”