3F Next Gen Leadership Book Launching Dinner

In conjunction with the publishing of our book titled ‘Next Gen Leadership: Mentoring Champions in Family, Finance and Fitness’, Family First Malaysia hosted 80 guests for a dinner at Imperial China Restaurant located in Subang Jaya for a dinner and book launch event. A diverse crowd consisting of Baby Boomers,Gen X and Gen Y, the dinner also served as a multi-generational networking event. Guests were treated to an eight-course dinner and a special song performance by Marcus and Charlene Tan from the 3F CEO Couple Club.

Alongside the book launch, two guests speakers were invited to inspire the audience with topics inline with the theme of ‘Modelling 3F Next Gen Leadership’. The keynote speaker, the founder and master trainer of Finexis Advisory – Mr Gordon Hoo and his wife, Daisy, and guest speaker, Othniel – a member of the millennial team of Family First Malaysia and a contributing writer of the book. Both sharing from life experience to inspire the importance of teaching values of Family, Finance and Fitness (3F Values) to the next generation, Gordon and Daisy shared on ‘Overcoming Unmet Expectations in Marriage’, while Othniel spoke briefly on being brought up with 3F Values.

Ending the evening with a bang, the CEO/President of Family First Malaysia summarised the evening and emphasised the importance of our children and generations after us and launched the book, followed by a session of book signing.

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