Pre-Order Of “From Aiyaya To Alleluia” Book

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Tek Seng and Tinkie are the founders and Chairman of Family First Malaysia. Family First Malaysia focuses on “building stronger families through 3F discipleship modules (Family Values, Financial Stewardship, Fitness and Wholistic Living) for better workplace, society and nation”.

Since the 17th of April, we’ve had 3000 people access our special soft launch e-book and raised RM5600 for Covid-19 Front liners. We thank you for your support!

Our readers have said:

“Your book has made a difference”
“What a great memoir”
“Very inspirational”
“My heart is encouraged”
“Finished in one sitting”

“From Aiyaya to Alleluia” will make a wonderful outreach gift to your family and friends.

We are now taking pre-orders for printed English and Chinese copies. We hope to have the printed copies ready once RMCO lifts at the end of August.

Reserve your copies today and get RM5 off each book! This offer is valid until 31st August. Head over now to to make a reservation now.


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