One One One – Transforming Lives One by One

by Drs. Peter & Abby Ting

The vision of Family First Malaysia(FFM) is to TRANSFORM Next Generation Fathers, supported by Mothers, to build Better families resulting in a better Workplace, a better Society, and a better Nation. To translate this vision into action, we adopt the ONE ONE ONE strategy, i.e. to start engaging, enfolding and equipping ONE PERSON, ONE COUPLE and ONE FAMILY at a time.

We are convinced that there is no short cut to bring about sustainable transformation of families. While we organize events, camps or conferences – these serve only to create awareness and can’t result in lasting change. Each person, each couple and each family must be mentored one-to-one into maturity so that they can begin to do likewise, to expand and multiply what we do too, via the ONE ONE ONE strategy.

Through our ONE ONE ONE initiative, we have set up the following groups to reach every generation:



2017 has been a Year of Favor where we set up the basic infrastructure for on-going transformation growth. We begin with a big picture strategy of knowing where we were and knowing where we wanted to go with our vision. Through ONE ONE ONE strategy, 2018 is going to be a Season of Accelerated Growth. With holistic mentoring of our transformation team leaders, each couple among us will reach out to 3 more couples over a period of 12 months to help bring about integrated and accelerated growth in 3F, i.e. Family, Finance and Fitness. We welcome you to partake this exciting journey with us as we move into 2018.

About the Authors: Dr Peter Ting is the President/CEO of Family First Malaysia. He and his wife, Dr Abby Ting, are committed to TRANSFORMING Next Gen Fathers, supported by Mothers, to build Better Families, resulting in a Better Workplace, a Better Society and a Better Nation. They are also co-authors of a book titled “3F Next Gen Leadership”.

Since 1990, Dr Abby has tirelessly worked alongside Dr Peter to mentor their three children, Eleazar, Othniel and Nehemiah, as Next Gen Leaders empowered by 3F values.

In 2014, Dr Peter retired from a full-time corporate career. Now, he uses his time to mentor Gen-Y CEO Couples and Gen-Z leaders, who are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Dr Abby continues to be the best helper to Dr Peter in their shared vision to reach every generation and build better families everywhere.

For more about them, find their profiles on our trainers page.